South Gate Industrial Park

South Gate is Moscow’s premier warehouse park, home to a community of leading Russian and global companies.
heat vent photo

Heating and ventilation

High efficiency, forced air system maintains +18°C when -28°C outside. 90% air re-circulation.

photo fire suppress

Fire suppression systems

ESFR-25 (early suppression, fast response) sprinkler system. Wide spray-range and high water flow. Eliminates need for in-rack sprinklers.

triple pump photo

Triple-redundant fire water pumping system

Each warehouse building is protected by a 3 pump fire system - main water pump and two backups, one of which is fed by a dedicated diesel engine. Each building is supplied by a dedicated South Gate pump house with a similar three-pump set-up.

south gate building photo

Sustainability - LED Lighting

Motion-sensor controlled LED lighting provide high-lux, energy-efficient light.

floors photo


Flat and horizontal FM-2 special concrete slab floors. Floor loads of up to 7 tons per m2. FM-1 floor flatness also available.

Location of South Gate

Radius Group's flagship industrial park is located immediately at the crossroads of 2 federal highways and 15 minutes from Domodedovo International Airport and Moscow city.

  • 1MKAD
  • 2M4 highway route - SG to Moscow (20 min)
  • 3Old Kashirskoe highway - SG to Moscow
  • 4Domodedovo airport bypass road (30 min)
  • 5A107 highway - Outer Ring Road
  • 6New Express route to Domodedovo (15 min)
  • BrNew Bridge Overpass
M-4 4 6 3 2 A-107 MKAD Moscow Domodedovo Airport 5 1 2 Radius Group HQ Millennium House | 7th Floor Trubnaya Street 12 Moscow 107045, Russia TEL +7 495 662 5550 FAX + 7 495 662 5551 EMAIL South Gate Industrial Park South Gate Industrial Park Vladenie “Warehouses 104” Belye Stolby Microdistrict, Domodedevo, Moscow Region. 142050 Russian Federation Visitors to Radius Office at South Gate Only Call: +7 495 662 5550 Br


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